Saturday, December 18, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We hope this finds you all well and happy.
What an amazing year it has been!

We are FANATIC hockey fans
with our favorite player being
Goooooooo Ducks

- Exciting news -

Danni has begun her paperwork for a mission. She's hoping to be ready by end of January! She moved back home so she could 'focus more' and 'get ready'. We are so happy with her decision.

Dallin turned 16 this year and is loving life: he keeps busy playing hockey AND he took up a new sport: Lacrosse. He loves it as well, but his first love is Hockey. TVHS is doing awesome!

This year didn't pass uneventful:

Danielle had been home TWO DAYS -- she and Dallin went "mudding" and flipped the truck (totaling it). Their guardian angels were watching out and they came out of it untouched!

Looks worse than it really was: thankfully.

-Well, on to a new year: and a new lease on life-

Here's to a bright 2011

Sunday, September 26, 2010



We rented a motorhome and hit the road- picking up Danielle in SLC on our way cross-country!
What a wonderful country we live in!

We stopped at Devil's Tower and just had to get a Teepee photo!
Dallin thought it was dumb, but Danielle was game!

We had such a fab time with the family! Great memories and great fun.

This video was just outside of Nauvoo on our way to Carthage.

What a FABULOUS time we had.

Testimony building to see church history and AWESOME time spent as a family!

I love my family!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

April is here and Spring is in the air! Love this time of year. We can finally get out of the cold house and enjoy the sunshine! The yard is looking nice and the pool is heating up!

TVHS hockey team is doing great this spring season. They are beating everyone they come up against. Dallin's had some great scores and some great games! He's also started playing ice in Escondido. He's an awesome kid! Almost ready to get his license. We'll see!!!!

Danielle is working hard at Denny's while she's building up her hair clientele. She's enjoying being out of school and working for a living. Being independant has its benefits, (mom and dad don't tell you how to spend your money.)

Kevin celebrated his 49th b-day and is loving life being closer to 50 without any gray hair. Wish I was so lucky. I think he went through a mid-life crisis, because he bought a really SWEEEEET car: he says its for me to drive, but he put his name on the title and enjoys washing and waxing it! (ohhhh I love it too, but I secretly think he loves it more!)

Life is good and we are seven weeks until school is out for the summer! Then on to vacations and the beach time!!!

Love to you all!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Lease On Life

We had a fabulous Christmas season as Danielle came home for two whole weeks. It was GREAT to have her here and felt weird to send her on her way again. It's amazing how attached you get when they come home again! She's doing well though, so it makes it a little easier sending her on her way to her life as a working woman in SLC.

I'd post some of our christmas pics, but hmmmm....most are from Christmas morning and we are not looking our best! haha I'll spare your eyesight!

Happy New Year one and all. Let's make this year the best ever and full of love and hope, renewed friendships, renewed family relationships and renewed energy to serve the Lord.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis The Season

Dear Family and Friends,

From our house to yours- We hope this finds you well and happy during this wonderful Christmas season.

What a year 2009 has been. Very busy, but also very rewarding in so many ways. The Lord has indeed blessed us tremendously. We'll start with the youngest in the family and just give you a small tidbit that makes each a special part of our family:
McKay and Dallin (buds)
  • Super Son
  • Early Morning Seminary
  • Teacher (Priesthood)
  • Sophomore
  • Roller/Ice Hockey player
  • Hockey Star
  • MVP
  • Varsity Hockey team Starter
  • Outstanding
  • good brother
  • addicted to WOW (if you have to ask......)
  • loves History Channel
  • loves skateboards
  • loves his cell phone
  • Dallin is an AWESOME 15 year old.


  • Great Daughter
  • Graduate of Marinello Hair Design (AWESOME stylist, born to do hair)
  • Works at TANGLES salon in Cottonwood Heights, (SLC, UT)
  • independant
  • Great sense of humor (takes after her dad)
  • patient and loving
  • great with kids (awesome cousin to Justin and Addison, like an Aunt)
  • loves music
  • wonderful sister
  • daughter of God -wants to go on a mission within the next year
  • loving daughter
  • good heart, strong hands and a willing mind
  • loves her cell phone and TEXTING (couldn't have a day go by that she doesn't text) Danielle is AWESOME!!


  • Celebrated 25 wonderful years together
  • loves cruisin' (fave vacation)
  • loves lunch together
  • Awesome sales manager/salesman (Kevin)
  • loves teaching dental radiology at Riverside Community College (Cindy)
  • Primary and Young Men's
  • loves to laugh together
  • Cindy loves reading
  • Kevin loves watching TV
  • Kevin loves working for a perfectly groomed and manicured yard
  • Cindy loves having the perfectly manicured and groomed yard
  • Cindy loves a CLEAN house with everything in its place -(no not quite OCD yet, but close)
  • Massages are AWESOME (cindy)
  • both love Filet Mignon cooked on the GEORGE FOREMAN!! seriously!
  • Sunday morning waking up to German Pancakes in the oven (Thanks Kevin)
  • Rock and Roll (cindy)-
  • 70's tunes (kevin)
  • HOCKEY- Go Dallin and Go DUCKS!
  • We love spending time together and taking walks along the pier
  • FRED's Mexican Cantina! (YUM both of us)
  • Loves life and our children.
  • Couldn't feel more blessed!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love you and hope you have a great, safe and fun new year! Make 2010 the BEST!!!

Love from our house to yours!
The Ovard's

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching Up On Life

The first of Oct. my sister Rebecca came for the weekend.
We had a blast!

We were able to get tickets to the DUCKS opening game and Rebecca said she was up for it! She said she had fun, but I'm not sure. We are fanatic fans of HOCKEY and she saw us in a different light! (HOCKEY FANS ARE NOT LIKE OTHER FANS!)



Opening night, the players do the red carpet run and they have games and stuff for the fans at a huge tailgate party!

This was her first PRO Hockey experience-

We had AWESOME seats almost on the Glass and on the ICE.

Of course you can't go to a HOCKEY game without eating a HOCKEY DOG and drink!

FUN TIMES HAD BY ALL! (I think. hmm!) HA

We had a great weekend with my sister! I love her so much!!!

Hope to do it again soon!!

Life moving forward

I guess it's about time to update this blog. Life has been crazy busy, but it's a 'good' crazy busy, if that makes sense!
We woke up one Saturday and realized "WE ARE ALL HOME" and decided it was perfect to spend the day together. So we hopped in the car and took a family drive across the Ortega Highway (mountain road seperating us from the ocean). We ended up at Dana Point.

Sometime's it's hard to get a teenager to smile!! WHATEVER!!!

Don't feed the teenagers?? ohhhh the bird's...well he's a BEAR; literally as in his HS Mascot and figurative as in his mood and attitude! SHEESH!!

We were having fun!

Fun making Dallin miserable and fun 'making' him have a good time with us! This picture is PRICELESS!!! See the scowl..I think it's permanent! We did have FUN!!!

Well, at least Kevin and I were smiling at the end of the day! We enjoy spending time all together, regardless of the smirks and scowls and jeers coming from the peanut gallery!

We saw a half smile out of Dallin as we pulled into McDonalds and ordered a hot fudge Sundae! ohhh anything for a smile!