Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life moving forward

I guess it's about time to update this blog. Life has been crazy busy, but it's a 'good' crazy busy, if that makes sense!
We woke up one Saturday and realized "WE ARE ALL HOME" and decided it was perfect to spend the day together. So we hopped in the car and took a family drive across the Ortega Highway (mountain road seperating us from the ocean). We ended up at Dana Point.

Sometime's it's hard to get a teenager to smile!! WHATEVER!!!

Don't feed the teenagers?? ohhhh the bird's...well he's a BEAR; literally as in his HS Mascot and figurative as in his mood and attitude! SHEESH!!

We were having fun!

Fun making Dallin miserable and fun 'making' him have a good time with us! This picture is PRICELESS!!! See the scowl..I think it's permanent! We did have FUN!!!

Well, at least Kevin and I were smiling at the end of the day! We enjoy spending time all together, regardless of the smirks and scowls and jeers coming from the peanut gallery!

We saw a half smile out of Dallin as we pulled into McDonalds and ordered a hot fudge Sundae! ohhh anything for a smile!

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DeNae said...

I love that San Diego beach area! So jealous! And I have a perma-scowl kid, too. We all do.