Sunday, October 18, 2009

Catching Up On Life

The first of Oct. my sister Rebecca came for the weekend.
We had a blast!

We were able to get tickets to the DUCKS opening game and Rebecca said she was up for it! She said she had fun, but I'm not sure. We are fanatic fans of HOCKEY and she saw us in a different light! (HOCKEY FANS ARE NOT LIKE OTHER FANS!)



Opening night, the players do the red carpet run and they have games and stuff for the fans at a huge tailgate party!

This was her first PRO Hockey experience-

We had AWESOME seats almost on the Glass and on the ICE.

Of course you can't go to a HOCKEY game without eating a HOCKEY DOG and drink!

FUN TIMES HAD BY ALL! (I think. hmm!) HA

We had a great weekend with my sister! I love her so much!!!

Hope to do it again soon!!

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Bonnie and David said...

I love your family's blog! Thanks for sharing. Bonnie