Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

April is here and Spring is in the air! Love this time of year. We can finally get out of the cold house and enjoy the sunshine! The yard is looking nice and the pool is heating up!

TVHS hockey team is doing great this spring season. They are beating everyone they come up against. Dallin's had some great scores and some great games! He's also started playing ice in Escondido. He's an awesome kid! Almost ready to get his license. We'll see!!!!

Danielle is working hard at Denny's while she's building up her hair clientele. She's enjoying being out of school and working for a living. Being independant has its benefits, (mom and dad don't tell you how to spend your money.)

Kevin celebrated his 49th b-day and is loving life being closer to 50 without any gray hair. Wish I was so lucky. I think he went through a mid-life crisis, because he bought a really SWEEEEET car: he says its for me to drive, but he put his name on the title and enjoys washing and waxing it! (ohhhh I love it too, but I secretly think he loves it more!)

Life is good and we are seven weeks until school is out for the summer! Then on to vacations and the beach time!!!

Love to you all!

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