Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Year, New Lease On Life

We had a fabulous Christmas season as Danielle came home for two whole weeks. It was GREAT to have her here and felt weird to send her on her way again. It's amazing how attached you get when they come home again! She's doing well though, so it makes it a little easier sending her on her way to her life as a working woman in SLC.

I'd post some of our christmas pics, but hmmmm....most are from Christmas morning and we are not looking our best! haha I'll spare your eyesight!

Happy New Year one and all. Let's make this year the best ever and full of love and hope, renewed friendships, renewed family relationships and renewed energy to serve the Lord.


DeNae said...

What a great-looking family! Happy New Year, dear friend!

Drago Family said...

LOVE your new fam photo. You guys look great.